Why would you Focus on Having a Safe Abortion?

Frequently , women have to undergo abortion for his or her own safety. While it is true that abortion has been used unfairly by many women to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, the simple truth is that abortion is a necessity at times. Here is a look at why women ought to undergo abortion in a safe way.

About abortion

When a woman goes through abortion or a miscarriage occurs throughout her pregnancy, it is very important for her to follow along with safe practices and ensure that the abortion is carried out by a medical practitioner that has a sound knowledge of the same.

Importance of the safe abortion

If an illigal baby killing is not carried out in a safe way, then it may pose to be a living risk for the mother. According to the World Health Organization, if an illigal baby killing is carried out by individuals who are not really skilled, hazardous equipments are used throughout the procedure and the woman is held in unsanitary conditions, then the woman will have undergone an unsafe abortion which could result in complications later on.

The stats are staggering too…

Out of every 1, 00, 000 abortion procedures that are carried out globally, 10 percent woman die, get an infection or experience serious complications due to unsafe abortions. Though the risk of abortion is directly related to the gestational age, it really is mandatory to follow a safe procedure for the same to decrease any kind of risk included. Unsafe abortions can lead to death most of the time but can also give rise to innumerable complexities in the woman and hamper her future life immensely.

Results of a hazardous abortion

One of the major reasons for death and severe injury amongst females all over the world is the practice of dangerous abortions. Women who conceive accidentally and wish to terminate their maternity without anyone knowing about it often resort to unsafe methods plus land up in more trouble than before.

Out of the 20 million dangerous abortions that are done worldwide, nearly 98 percent of them are required for developing countries and can result in injuries of various types for the women.
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Aside from deaths, inability to conceive again, infection and uterine diseases, long lasting damage to the uterus and cervix are some of the common negative outcomes of an unsafe abortion. Studies reveal that will hygienic and up-to-date health providers along with proper family planning can reduce the instance of unsafe abortions by almost 75 percent, bringing them down to less than 5 mil a year.

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