Sing a Song on Social Media Regarding Freelance Writing

In all honestly, when you look at freelance writing, social media via the internet would never come into the particular picture. Writers use words and we go through great lengths to ensure that all of us write in a manner that it is easy to understand. We also write to impress, inform, educate and sometimes, amuse. Internet social media minimize words, if I challenge contend in that way. We tend to shorten the things that we say because the ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ are a fairly busy bunch of people so when you happen to be trying to promote your freelance writing company to them, they don’t really have the time and patience to read it. Really.

But how, then, is a freelance author ever to promote his or her services through social media?

Learning to go with the flow. Instead of directly promoting your work to your ‘friends’ and ‘followers’, your purpose should be to impress and attract all of them. Make them aware of your freelance writing work without using the conventional and traditional form of ‘push’ method. ‘pull’ will be the much better way. How?

Share your self with them, be free with your guidance, be kind, be nice, hyperlink out, introduce people, be helpful plus generally being a really inspirational drive on the internet. In short, make people like you and want to find out more information about your freelance writing business!

Let’s put it this way : you, the freelance writer, has ceased to be just a product…. you become a brand. Inquire any branding expert about utilizing the social media and you will know that it is genuine that brand is all about making full impact on a person’s emotions and storage.
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The bigger the impression they have upon you, the better they will remember you. In the future, when they are in need of a freelance article writer and they are on some form of social media network, they will remember you. In my country, I’ve recently come across such logos.

One of them is a gas company in Malaysia, a rather low-laying gas business that surprised me with their ‘song’; yes, quite a nice piece of song about their company. This is not exactly how Malaysians work their magic, for the information, traditionally. This is a departure in the norm. Another company who left from the norm is a local Telco company who went on Twitter and spread a song. I didn’t quite like the song but it has been on Twitter and got everyone curious. Our largest local every day even published something about it so it became quite a big thing.

These are essentially making use of social media to brand name themselves and create general curiosity amongst the public. Honestly, it worked – with me, at least. That is how you should approach marketing for your freelance writing business – pulling them within instead of pushing your services at them.

So , in short, freelance creating can go hand-in-hand with social media. All of us just have to be a little smarter in locating the right technique to do it. Come to think of it, maybe it is time for me to compose a song about my freelance writing business, eh? Or maybe not really.

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